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The Professionals New Look Image – History of the brand

7 Apr 2016 Kalgoorlie 0 Comment

You’ll have noticed some change to our appearance on our digital outlets over the previous few days.

On Monday the 4th of April 2016, the Professionals group launched their new logo internationally.

Since their establishment in Western Australia in the 80’s, the Professionals Group has proven their adaptability to both industry and economical change.

The WA introduction followed the establishment of the brand in two years earlier, by a group of like-minded agents who thought that by combining their business and marketing expertise they could provide a better and more comprehensive service to their customers than by going it alone.

Thanks to the group of like minded individuals, the commencement of the long  evolution of a brand that has become synonymous with the delivery of high quality reliable real estate services throughout Australasia.

The Brand started as a mishmash of logos including stylised ‘P’ and a house as well as when Victoria joined bringing their World logo with them.

This confusion in branding brought with it the time to consolidate the brand and logo launching the red and black star logo.

The next challenge was to move the Star to something uniquely recognisable as Professionals with it often being confused with the NAB logo.

After considerable debate a radical new design of a brush work multi coloured star logo was adopted which has brought us to this very year, 2016.

The star has stood the test of time over the last two decades and helped bring the Professionals to appeal to a broader cross section of the market in which women in particular have an increasingly important role to play.

By the time has come to once again look at the mark with 21st Century glasses on and move it to be more relevant to the digital era of sharp clean lines without detracting from the essential elements of colour and the Star.

Over the next few months the huge task of changing and updating all the branding will begin.

We hope you like the fresh new look and that it reflects that the Professionals is a leader in delivering real estate services using all the modern tools at our disposal without losing that essential personal touch that makes all the difference!

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