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Do video tours really do anything to promote your home to buyers?

29 Sep 2016 Kalgoorlie 0 Comment

Article by: Kim Edwards

Do video tours really do anything to promote your home to buyers? Is it possible they can make it sell faster? Or for a higher price? Absolutely! Here are just four reasons:

#1. You’ll Be Forced to Get Your Home 100% Show Ready

Buyers, regardless of their price range, want to feel that they are buying into the best possible version of their future. Your property video has the potential to inspire dreams!   The thing is you need to make your house its best version of itself. Think of it as a movie set and declutter (yes it’s your home but the reason you are selling it is because you want a new one, so remove anything that is personal to you so the potential new owner can imagine themselves living in what is currently your home) brighten with lamps and by removing (if only temporarily) light blocking window dressings. Do that at the beginning and you’ll be able to keep it that way.  If you need any advice we are always here to help.

#2. Views of Properties with Video Tours are 10-1 Over Properties Without Videos

For some reason this one is always a little tough for people to swallow. But its TRUE! A property that has a video or virtual tour attached to it gets 10 views online for every 1 view properties without them get. When buyers are searching online many of them sort their searches so that they will only see properties that have video tours and virtual tours. They ignore the other listings! Or they decide to look first at the listings with tours and then go on later to the properties without tours. But if they get excited by a listing that has a tour they may never make it to your listing if it doesn’t have one.

#3. Our Sales Team will be intimately familiar with your home instantly.

Every morning our sales team takes a look at what’s new on the market, what prices have changed, and if anything, has been added to a listing to see which properties match the criteria of buyers they’re working with; buyers who in many cases have moved beyond running their own searches on real estate websites, are ready to buy, and are depending on the expertise of our team to suggest properties they will likely be interested in. Our sales team have the buyers who are ready to go NOW! And they only want to suggest properties to their clients that they are confident they will like. A well-made video saves all of our team a trip to preview your property (whenever they cannot fit it into their schedule to attend our weekly caravans of which is sometimes impossible to view all of them). Plus, our sales team can send your property to our clients right away with confidence.

#4. Buyers Who Have Already Seen a Video Tour Are More Than Just Curious, They’re Interested!

If you have a property video tour the buyers who come and look at your house will already know that on a basic level, they like it. When the buyers have seen the video it’s pretty easy for our sales team to gauge their actual interest in the property. And when the buyer gets to your home, it will be exactly what they were expecting.

And just to spark your imagination have a look at five fabulously creative ways people have used video to sell property around the world, from music videos to high-tech drones via 3D fly-throughs by clicking here 


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